Why Coaching?

"A coach is someone who sees beyond your limits and guides you to greatness."
- Michael Jordan

"A good coach can change a game; a great coach can change a life."
- John Wooden
Whether in life or business, everyone needs that outside voice to help guide them beyond their limits to the greatness that lies within them and in front of them.

Life/Leadership Coaching

Do you have clarity around your life's purpose? Do you understand how you're uniquely wired? Have you taken inventory of your personality's strengths and weaknesses? Have you defined a clear vision for your life? I'd love to be a guide to walk you from the fatigue of uncertainty to the power of clarity. I'd love to help you lead healthy.

Currently offering 12 Enneagram-centered sessions over 6 months, focusing on the Leading Healthy distinctive of IDENTITY: "Know who you are, accept who you aren't, understand who you need to be."

Business/Team  Culture Consulting

Are you paying attention to the culture of your organization? Are the key influencers on your team in a good place? Are your leaders tired, frustrated, or just getting by? Today more than ever, businesses must invest in the health of their leaders and their teams. Owners must invest in a healthy culture. I'd love to help your business evaluate and build a healthy culture through the ACE process:



Owner, Shoreline Construction

“Michael & and Leading Healthy has been a GAME CHANGER for our organization.  During the pandemic, our focus turned to our team's mental health.  Michael was able to come in and lead our team through becoming better versions of ourselves.  We are beyond excited about our partnership with Leading Healthy and the positive impact Michael has on our company”


President CBM Concrete/MBC Pools

“When I found out Michael was pursuing his passion of becoming a high-level developer and starting his own business, I was immediately interested. I have always appreciated and respected his deep biblical knowledge as well as his philosophy on life. His unique ability to relate this information is uncanny and truly special. I look forward to bettering myself, my family, and my business with his guidance.”

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