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After serving in leadership roles in various organizations for nearly 30 years, Michael found himself in a conflicted place: an exhausted leader with a vibrant vision.

"What good is a compelling vision and a strategic plan if the leader leading it is unhealthy?"

This question fueled him to develop Leading Healthy, a platform focused on the health of leaders, their teams, and their organizations.

A highly relational and engaging speaker with a heart for those stuck in the grind and fatigue of uncertainty, Michael's passion is helping leaders be healthy people, and helping businesses build healthy cultures.


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“Michael and Leading Healthy have been a GAME CHANGER for our organization. We are beyond excited about our partnership with Leading Healthy and the positive impact Michael has on our company”

Business Owner

"Michael is a gracious, thoughtful, wise facilitator who will help you realize your purpose. He has the discernment to help you in your personal journey.”

Business on Purpose

"Michael is always evaluating the environment of leadership and capturing changes into a package that is clear to digest and practical to implement."

VP Gov. Affairs
Better Medicare Alliance

"Michael has unlimited patience and overflowing empathy that I found encouraging.  For me the resulting LifePlan was a meaningful, sober, and spiritual journey, ultimately grounding me in a personal vision statement that has and will guide me for many years to come.”

Taylor's QLS

“For the past several years, Michael has been a keynote speaker at our annual team training days. At first, it was me asking him to come; now it's every team member that requests him to speak. Michael delivers a powerful message every time."

Former NFL Coach
IU Assistant Head Coach

“Thanks so much for working with me to complete my LifePlan; it was a great experience and I loved the results! I have told many people about our time together. I highly recommend Leading Healthy to anyone that wants to learn more about themselves!”