Our Mission:

Helping leaders be healthy people;
helping businesses build healthy culture.

About Leading Healthy:

Whether leading at home or in a business, leadership is hard. We'll spend thousands (tens to hundreds of thousands) on business development: identifying our mission statement, defining core values, and casting vision. We'll hire outside voices, building business resources like systems, processes, and procedures. We'll work tirelessly on human resources, recruiting the right teams and the right leaders.

ALL important stuff ...

But investing in leadership health ... building healthy culture ... that's where we invest in people beyond equipping and training. That's where we focus on human development.

That's where people feel valued ... where we pour into the SOUL of our homes, our business, and ourselves.

And we want to help ...

About Michael:

As a leader of people and organizations for three decades, Michael has focused on helping individuals and businesses become better versions of themselves. As a trained LifePlan Coach, he has walked clients and friends through a proven journey to help them discover who and where they are today, how they got there, and who and where they want to be tomorrow, while outlining a strategy to help them realize their personal vision. Business owners, entrepreneurs, pastors, political operatives, NFL coaches, FBI agents, moms, dads, fathers, and more have benefited from his discernment and counsel. Michael is in a constant state of evaluating the environment of leadership and capturing and communicating what he sees into a package that is clear to digest and practical to implement. He has helped thousands understand the difference between "rhythm" and "balance" in their life and leadership.

Michael graduated kindergarten in 1977 and has been a learner ever since! He holds a Master's Degree in Leadership and certifications from The Paterson Center for LifePlanning and Strat/Op. In 2022, Michael completed his certification as an Enneagram Certified Advanced Instructor, after serving as leader/CEO of a non-profit for the previous 14 years.

Michael has been dating his wife, Karrie since 1995; they are the extremely proud parents of two beautiful daughters, Avery and Sadie, and "also parents" of their "bonus" daughter, Summer. Michael and Karrie currently live in Bluffton, South Carolina.

In short, Michael is madly in love with a girl named Karrie, crazy about his daughters, and blessed to serve people, businesses, and churches for the last 30 years. He loves sports of all kinds, is terrible at golf, an avid reader, and a sucker for a great story. He loves to ride his motorcycle (a 2008 Suzuki Boulevard), enjoys nights around a fire pit with a cigar and a good bourbon, and will forever be a Purdue Boilermaker and Indianapolis Colts fan. He tries his best to follow the examples of Jesus.

And he would love the opportunity to help you and your business find leadership and cultural health.