What is a LifePlan?

A LifePlan is a personalized, one-on-one, facilitated journey, focused on 3 Key Questions: Where am I today, where do I want to be tomorrow, and how do I get there?

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Advisor - Trustee Board of FCA,
Trustee - American Football Coaches Wives Assoc.,
Business Owner - Beautycounter

"It was fascinating to walk through my life with intentional purpose, not sure what would be exposed. What I found on this two day journey validated my calling, purpose, “sweet spots”, and emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical needs. The Leading Healthy Life Plan is well worth the money and time because it helps you understand how you are hard wired can help you eliminate wasting time on endeavors that are not meant for you and seeking your true purpose! Michael is a gracious, thoughtful, wise facilitator who will help you realize your purpose. He has the discernment to help you in your personal journey.”


Vice President of Government Affairs, Better Medicare Alliance


"I sought out Leading Healthy as I was considering a career change and needed professional guidance on how to navigate several paths.  As part of the process, Michael challenged me to dig deep back through past top-of-the-mountain successes and painful failures and then led me to plan forward. He was a keen sense of one’s skills, soul, emotions, and world view.  Michael has unlimited patience and overflowing empathy that I found encouraging.  For me the resulting life plan was a meaningful, sober, and spiritual journey, ultimately grounding me in a personal vision statement that has and will guide me for many years to come.”‚Ä®